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    Overview and progress of macrourid studies in the Ross Sea region

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    S. Parker, J. Devine, B. Moore and Y. Ladroit
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    Nathan Walker (Nouvelle-Zélande)
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    Nathan Walker (Nouvelle-Zélande)
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    Biology, ecology, and management of macrourids in the Ross Sea was last summarised for CCAMLR in 2010. Since then, the discovery of a previously cryptic species (Macrourus caml), two additional trawl surveys, and additional work on species-specific biological productivity has been progressed to better inform management options. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing impacts on the time available to progress the development of management advice, this paper describes the overall work plan and the topics of associated papers that are planned to be submitted to the CCAMLR Scientific Committee’s working groups. These topics include biomass estimates of macrourids on the Ross Sea slope, species identification, distribution and abundance, life history, interactions with the fishery, mechanisms to monitor macrourid status, and options for precautionary catch limits.