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    Full Name
    Comité permanent sur l'administration et les finances
    Hobart, Australie
    Date/heure de début de réunion:
    Date/heure de fin de réunion:
    Rapport de la réunion:
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      Ordre du jour

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      1     Organisation of meeting
      2     Examination of audited Financial Statements for 2009
      3     Audit requirement for 2010 Financial Statements
      4     Secretariat Strategic Plan
      4.1     review of Communications Officers position
      4.2     Secretariat Succession Plan
      5     Review of investment portfolio
      6     Diversion of funds to Capacity Building Fund
      7     Review of 2010 budget
      8     Review of translation requirements
      9     Additional meeting space for SCIC
      10     Development of cost recovery
      11     Contingency Fund
      12     CDS Fund
      14     Budget for 2011
      14.2     Advice from SCIC
      14.1     Scientific Committee budget
      15     Members contributions
      15.1     Timing of Members contributions
      16     Forecast budget for 2012
      17     Other business
      18     Election of SCAF Vice-Chair
      19     Adoption of report
      20     Close of meeting
      13     Multi-year funding of Scientific Committee tasks