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    Results of acoustic survey in Subarea 48.1 and 48.2 carried out by Russian RV «Atlántida» in 2020

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    WG-ASAM-2021/04 Rev. 1
    S. Kasatkina, A. Abramov, M. Sokolov, A. Sytov and D. Kozlov
    Soumis par:
    Svetlana Kasatkina (Fédération de Russie)
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    Svetlana Kasatkina (Fédération de Russie)
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    The Russian krill research in Subarea 48.1 and 48.2 were carried out by  RV “Atlantida”  in the period January-March 2020  including acoustic surveys, accompanied by a wide range of ecosystem studies on the biology of  krill and its habitat (hydrometeorological, oceanological and hydrochemical data)  bio-productivity indices  (chlorophyll, primary production, phyto-, zoo- and ichthyoplankton).  Krill survey was completed in full compliance with CCAMLR recommendations (with references within WG-EMM-16/38; WG-EMM-11/20, ASAM-16/01) and in full compliance with data processing of CCAMLR Survey 2000 (WG-EMM-11/20).  The krill flux study were provided based on system of reference transects. Survey provides up-to-date information on krill biomass distribution at varies spatial scales. The study area covered by acoustic survey in Subarea 48.1 and 48.2 was about 480 thousand km2. The total krill biomass estimated at the survey area was 39, 29 mln.t , CV=9,29%. Statistical characteristics of krill biomass by stratum are shown.