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    Using unmanned surface vehicles to monitor krill density during fishing and obtain regular updates of pre-exploitation biomass

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    S. Menze, A. Lowther and B.A. Krafft
    Soumis par:
    Sebastian Menze (Norvège)
    Approuvé par:
    Bjørn Krafft (Norvège)

    This working group paper presents ideas and experiences regarding the use of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to monitor krill density in a fishing hotspot. While USVs have the advantage of reduced survey costs, reduced risk for personnel and higher data resolution in time and space, they sometimes struggle to follow straight transects and to withstand the rough weather and sea ice conditions of the Southern Ocean. We discuss commercially available technologies and outline strategies for future deployments and developments of USVs, with the goal of acquiring data that can be used to successfully manage the fishery in an adaptive context.