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    Distribution of temperature, salinity, density and flow across the Drake Passage in December 1994

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    M. Naganobu and K. Kutsuwada (Japan)
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    This paper presents vertical distribution of temperature, salinity, density and flow across the Drake Passage. The seventh Antarctic Ocean Survey cruise by the R/V Kaiyo Maru of the Japanese Fisheries Agency was conducted in the waters around the Antarctic Peninsula in 199/95 austral summer season. In the survey, oceanographic observations were carried out along the north-south line from 56-21 S, 66-37W to 61-49S, 58-28W across the Drake Passage from 1 to 9 December 1994. The Polar Front recognized by a steep gradient in temperature was located between 58-00S and 59-00S. The Antarctic Surface Water, defined as water temperature 0°C or less, was distributed from 58-40S to the southernmost station, 61-49S. The flow across the line was eastward through the whole except the weak flow through some sections. The maximum speed of the flow was approximately 30cm/s corresponding to the Polar Front zone. Upwel1ing of the Warm Deep Water was suggested in the costal water north of the South Shetland Islands.