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    Changes observed in krill length frequency distribution during repeated sampling on the South Georgia shelf in 2000 January–February

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    V.A. Sushin and F.F. Litvinov (Russia)
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    Krill sampling were carried out Northwest and Northeast South Georgia, first during collaborative venture AtlantNIRO-BAS on 5-8 January and 10-13 January and then during fish bottom trawl survey on 22 February and 3 February correspondingly. The comparative analysis revealed the strong difference in krill inhabiting Northwest and Northeast South Georgian waters. According to the data available the difference do not disappear in time, instead certain increase of krill length was observed in both parts. The data analyzed confirm that krill on the Northern South Georgian shelf has different origin: krill is transferred to east shelf by Weddell Sea waters and to west of the Island by Antarctic Circumpolar Current Waters from the West; Western krill belongs to cluster 2 and Eastern one to cluster 1.