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    Descriptive analysis of haul data from FV Atlantic Navigator in Elephant Islands (48.1), South Georgia Islands (48.3) and South Orkney Islands (48.3) krill fishery (summer 2004 to early winter 2005)

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    O. Pin, H. Nión, E. Delfino and P. Meneses (Uruguay)
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    Data from individual hauls carried out by krill F/V “Atlantic Navigator” operating in three fishing zones were analyzed: Elephant islands zone (48.1), South Georgias islands zone (48.3) and South Orkney islands zone (48.2). The fishing season was extended from 19/2/04 (summer 2004) to 7/4/05 (early winter 2005) with a total of 251 days of effective fishing. Descriptive study of the fishery operation was performed for the two fishing systems used: conventional fishing system (CON) and the continuous fishing system with air-bubbling suspension and suction of capture (CFS). Individual haul data were analyzed to describe differentialy catch rates (catch per day and catch per minute) of the three different fishing zones studied. The total catch registered was 41837 tonnes: 50% of this capture was obtained at South Orkney islands zone. The highest catch rate were calculated for the same fishing zone with CFS (293 kg/min) during summer 2005. The biggest krill size also corresponded to this zone and season: 50 mm total length. Sexual proportion determined when possible (summer 2005) was determined: males 64,59%, females 28,00% and immature individuals 7,38%. Predominant colour of sampled individuals was determined IC for winter season 2004 and IIC and IIB for summer to winter 2005. All data was recorded under the CCAMLR Scheme of International Scientific Observation (SC-CAMLR, 1993).