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    A comparison of model predictions from KPFM1 and KPFM2

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    J. Hinke, G. Watters (USA), S. Hill and K. Reid (United Kingdom)
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    We compare two versions of the krill-predator-fishery model to demonstrate the extent to which the predictions of KPFM1 can be reproduced with KPFM2. We also discuss the incorporation of seasonality into parameter estimates and a necessary change in the predator recruitment function of KPFM2. These comparisons provide a preliminary indication that the substantial changes in the structure and logic of KPFM2 have not caused substantial changes in model results. In essence, KPFM1 has become a special case of KPFM2. KPFM2 thus offers a flexible framework with functionality that the user can opt to use, should the user be able to provide defensible parameter estimates.