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    The Secretariat review of the Strategic Plan, associated activities and outcomes

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    At CCAMLR-XXIX, the Commission recommended that a staffing and salary strategy be included in the review of the Secretariat’s Strategic Plan and that SCAF consider the outcomes of that review at its meeting in 2011 (CCAMLR-XXIX, paragraph 3.5 and 3.10). In addition, following consideration at last year’s meetings of WG-SAM and WG-FSA the Commission adopted a recommendation from the Scientific Committee (SC-CAMLR-XXIX, paragraph 14.2) that a review of the Secretariat’s data management systems be undertaken (CCAMLR-XXIX, paragraph 3.7).

    This paper provides the 2011 meetings of WG-SAM and WG-EMM with a brief description of the process that has been supported since CCAMLR-XXIX to address these tasks and the principal outcomes of relevance to the Scientific Committee and its working groups.