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    Special features of the current krill fishery dynamics in the Southern Atlantic (Subareas 48.1, 48.2 and 48.3) during 2008-2014

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    S. Kasatkina and P. Gasyukov (Russia)
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    Andrey Petrov (Fédération de Russie)

    The current state of the krill fishery in the Area 48 during 2008 - 2014 was analyzed in terms of catches, CPUE, catch per haul, fishing efforts (hours fished) and fishing vessel locations for traditional and continuous fishing methods. The CCAMLR fishery statistics was used. Summarized results of this analysis for Subareas 48.1, 48.2 and 48.3 with details on small-scale management units (SSMU) are presented in this paper.

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