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    New data acquisition protocol for benthos by-catch in the French fisheries of the Southern Ocean, presentation of the protocol and first preliminary results

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    A. Martin, M. Eléaume, N. Améziane, P. Pruvost and G. Duhamel
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    Alexis Martin (France)
    Approuvé par:
    Marc Eléaume (France)
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    In 2015, the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle has started to develop a new data acquisition protocol for benthos bycatch in the French fisheries of the Southern Ocean (statistical areas 58.5.1, 58.6, 58.4.3a, 58.4.4b, 58.4.2) . This protocol aims at producing presence and abundance data of the benthic macro-invertebrates collected by the fishing gears. The main objective is to increase knowledge on the benthic ecosystems impacted by the French fishing activities, in a context marked by the CCAMLR conservation measures for Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) protection and the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) development and in the short term to decrease this impact. The protocol is based on collecting, weighing and photographic sampling of the benthic macro-invertebrate specimens. A description of the protocol is provided in this document. Preliminary results on quality and quantity of produced data are provided as well some examples of scientific exploitation. The new protocol provided significant results. CCAMLR could use part or whole of the protocol to implement in the fisheries scientific monitoring activity.