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    Next steps in development of Marine Protected Area in the Argentine Islands Archipelago water area

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    A. Utevsky, E. Sinna, D. Smyrov, M. Shrestha, Y. Gamulya, G. Ukhno, R. Khodzhaeva, Y. Utevsky, V. Levenets and S. Utevsky
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    Leonid Pshenichnov (Ukraine)
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    Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ukraine)
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    The results of the research aimed at further substantiation and development of the Marine Protected Area in the area of the Ukrainian Antarctic Station Academician Vernadsky are presented. In order to study the structure and biodiversity of benthic communities in the water area of the Argentine Islands, the underwater research and acoustic survey were conducted. During the period of 2014-2016, 35 research SCUBA-dives were done to explore the two proposed MPAs. Later on, during the period of 2016-2018, an underwater and acoustic surveys, chemical analyses of bottom sediments and soils of nearshore areas were conducted to establish new MPAs in the Argentine Islands Archipelago and adjacent water areas.