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    The Bendiker project: barcoding of the benthos by-catch from the fisheries survey of the French EEZ of Kerguelen

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    A. Dettai, N. Ameziane, J. Blettery, G. Duhamel, M. Eléaume, M. Hautecœur, M. Norest, E. Sanson and A. Martin
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    Agnès Dettaï (France)
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    Marc Eléaume (France)
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    We present here the workflow of a large scale barcoding project of the benthic fauna of the French Exclusive Economic Zone of the Kerguelen archipelago. This project is part of a larger project that comparing faunistic assemblages through space and time, and aims to compute habitat models to highlight the structuration of the benthic communities and ecotypes spatial distribution. It will provide assessments and advice for the managers of the Marine Reserve. The barcoding project uses two complementary next-generation sequencing techniques and a multimarker approach to cover the whole taxonomic diversity of benthic macrofauna.