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    Standardised estimates of D. eleginoides catches per effort in Subarea 48.3 using information for 1985/86–1990/91 seasons

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    P. Gasiukov (Russia) and V. Bibik (Ukraine)
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    A brief description of hawl-by-hawl data sets from Ukrainian commercial vessels fishing tooth-fish in Subdivision 48.3 during 1986-199 1 is presented. The fishery was mainly carried out in summer months off the eastern South Georgia and at Shag Rocks. The length frequency modes amounted to 95-100 cm, which exceeded modes for the latest years of fishery. Using the generalized additive model the catch per effort estimates for 1986-99 were standardize. The fishery efficiency in 1986-95 was approximately similar, while in 1996-99 it decreased sharply. It is shown that significance of such factors as a month and depth is low, and a modified model developed without these factors consideration provides more accurate estimates.