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    A revision of yield and catch controls for managing the mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) fishery in the vicinity of Heard Island and McDonald Islands

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    A. Constable, R. Williams, T. Lamb and E. van Wijk (Australia)
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    A recent 2000 survey of mackerel icefish in the vicinity of Heard Island enabled a revised estimate of yield for the coming 2 seasons. While the biomass of icefish appears lower than in previous years, it is dominated by a strong age 2 year class. Estimates of yield for the Heard Island Plateau population using the short-term assessment are 1150 tonnes for 2000/01 and 1000 tonnes for 2001/02 fishing seasons. The results of the 2000 survey confirm the need to retain a closure to fishing on Shell Bank. The paper reviews current catch controls and suggests that some consideration needs to be given to the implementation of closed periods during the year to provide safeguards to predators as well as to ensure spawning aggregations are not disrupted. Also, some consideration may need to be given to altering the minimum size regulations at CCAMLR in 2001 to account for the potential for unassessed cohorts to enter the fishery prior to assessments occurring.