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    Update to recruitment series for Patagonian toothfish in the Heard Island region

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    A. Constable, R. Williams, T. Lamb and E. van Wijk (Australia)
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    The recent fish survey at in the vicinity of Heard Island in 2000 has provided estimates of recruitment for at least one new cohort (1996) and another estimate of the 1995 cohort. The older cohorts are likely to be distributed more widely than the shallow part of the Heard Plateau, consistent with the observations from 1999. A reanalysis of all survey data from the region has shown that toothfish smaller than 450 mm are likely to be found predominantly in the shallow part of the Heard Plateau. Surveys aimed at providing a time series of recruitments could focus on this area. However, if estimates of mortality are to be obtained for this species then surveys over the deeper strata of the plateau will be required.