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    Distribution, biological characteristics and biomass of mackerel icefish based on the results of the trawling survey carried out at RV Atlantida in February 2000

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    Zh.A. Frolkina and P.S. Gasiukov (Russia)
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    The results of mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) trawling survey carried out by Russia at R/V Atlantida in February 2000 in Subarea 48.3 are presented. During that period C.gunnari were feeding. In all parts of the Subarea, except the North-Western one, C. gunnari of 22-28 cm in length and 2-3 years old predominated. Fish biomass distributed near the bottom estimated with different methods amounted to 47-87 thous.t. The estimation also was presented taking into account catchability coefficient. The objective evidences are submitted to prove that a certain part of C.gunnari stock may stay in the pelagic layer in the feeding period. Therefore, the bottom survey estimates only the population proportion distributing near the bottom at that moment. It is proposed to review the survey method. Arrangement of regular trawling-acoustic surveys in the area may improve the accuracy of this important commercial species abundance estimates and will answer some questions which currently have no grounded solutions.