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    Some thoughts on the CCAMLR risk assessment for seabird–fishery interactions

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    S. Waugh (New Zealand)
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    The CCAMLR system for assessing risk of fisheries mortalities to seabirds has been applied for 10 years and helps to define mitigation and monitoring requirements for fisheries within the waters of the CCAMLR convention area. Annual review of the information by used CCAMLR Working Group on Incidental Mortality Associated with Fishing for the assessments of risk, and performance of fisheries within these zones is undertaken, resulting in a dynamic system of assessment and response by the CCAMLR commission. Data used in the assessments relate primarily to seabird biology and their threat status – the areas most used by breeding and foraging seabirds of high threat status are given highest risk ratings (six areas, levels 4-5). Those with few foraging birds and no breeding populations are given lowest ratings (six areas levels 1-2). A suite of mitigation measures have been specified for each risk rating, and these are refined annually with input from a technical working group. The thresholds and data-types used in the CCAMLR risk assessment system are documented and some recommendations made for minor modifications to this system to increase the transparency of the assessments.