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    The 2014 annual random stratified trawl survey in the waters of Heard Island (Division 58.5.2) to estimate the abundance of Dissostichus eleginoides and Champsocephalus gunnari

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    G.B. Nowara, T.D. Lamb and D.C. Welsford (Australia)
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    Doug Cooper (Secrétariat de la CCAMLR)
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    The annual random stratified trawl survey (RSTS) at HIMI was conducted during June of 2014, with the completion of 158 stations. An additional five stations were completed at Shell Bank, which had not been sampled since 2005. The catches of C. gunnari were less than half of those in 2013, but catches of both D. eleginoides and C. gunnari were higher than the long-term average (2006-2013). Catches of Channichthys rhinoceratus and Lepidonotothen squamifrons were higher than average. Skate catches in 2014 were slightly higher than the average RSTS take. Catches at Shell Bank consisted mostly of L. squamifrons and a small quantity of C. rhinoceratus. There were no C. gunnari  caught in this stratum.

    The catch of invertebrates in the 2014 survey was 3.4 t, with the most abundant taxa being the poriferan sponges. Catches were half the long-term average.

    Biological measurements were taken for 8,500 fish and lengths of a total of 18,000 fish were recorded. Otoliths were collected from 617 D. eleginoides, and 245 were tagged. Additionally, 124 sets of otoliths were collected from L. squamifrons.