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    Bycatch of skates (Rajiformes) and grenadiers (Macrouridae) in longline fisheries in Subarea 48.3

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    WG-FSA-14/47 Rev. 1
    V. Laptikhovsky, M. Soeffker, M. Belchier, J. Roberts, C. Darby, J. Ellis and R. Scott (United Kingdom)
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    Doug Cooper (Secrétariat de la CCAMLR)
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    This paper investigates factors affecting the bycatch of skates (Rajiformes) and grenadiers (Macrouridae) taken by the longline fishery in statistical subarea 48.3. Bycatch was greater for vessels using autoline system than for those using the “Spanish” system, due to differences in proximity to the sea bed and type of bait used. The areas of greatest catch rates differed by area and depth range. During the period 1996–1999 skate bycatch was higher in February-March, while that of grenadiers was lower in July-August; since the limitation to a winter longline fishery there in no longer any significant seasonal variation.