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    Plan of research program of the Russian Federation in Subarea 48.5

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    Delegation of the Russian Federation
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    Dmitry Kremenyuk (Fédération de Russie)

    Research program in the Weddell Sea in season 2015/2016 and the following seasons presented by the Russian Federation was prepared in accordance with recommendations of the Scientific committee (SC-CAMLR-XXXIII, 2014, par. 3.233) and originates from the program developed by the Russian Federation and adopted by the SC in 2012 (WG-FSA-12/12). Past WG-SAM-2015 (Warsaw, Poland) made no scientifically-supported comment regarding the presented document (WG-SAM-15/18). The only note was that consideration of the Russian program could be continued after completing analysis of the data from f/v “Yantar-35” obtained by the vessel in 2014. But, the Convention and Conservation Measures in force (Schedule of Conservation Measures …, 2014) do not prohibit conducting research and investigation in parallel as unrelated processes.