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    Summary of environmental data collected during the Dissostichus mawsoni exploratory fishery in East Antarctica (Divisions 58.4.1 and 58.4.2)

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    C. Miller, T. Lamb, P. Ziegler, J. Lee, S. Chung, C. Péron and N. Gasco
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    Philippe Ziegler (Australia)
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    Philippe Ziegler (Australia)
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    This paper provides an overview of the deployments of Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) loggers and Benthic Video Cameras (BVCs) to fishing gear in the Dissostichus mawsoni exploratory fishery in Divisions 58.4.1 and 58.4.2 since 2015/16.  This report on the collection of environmental data addresses Milestone 2 of the research plan in this fishery (Delegations of Australia, France, Japan, Republic of Korea and Spain 2018) which contributes to improving the understanding of important habitats and the identification of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs).