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    Dynamics of abundance and state of Notothenia rossii rossii stocks on the Kerguelen Island shelf

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    P.B. Tankevich and V.A. Shlyakhov (YugNIRO, USSR)
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    Population structure and dynamics of the abundance of Notothenia rossii rossii on the Kerguelen Island shelf from the beginning of the fishery to 1984 has been examined.Total and commercial stocks of this species have been determined proceeding from data of inventory trawl survey and calculation by mathematical modelling.Comparative estimates of the abundance and recruitment-remainder ratio for the period of 1970-1984 have been presented, the average age of recruitment has been stated.
    Fishing mortality of Notothenia rossii rossii, the age and length for optimal exploitation,coefficients of exploitation (Uopt.) and optimal fishing mortality (Fopt.) in age groups and years of fishery have been determined.