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    Depletion experiment of Dissostichus eleginoides stock in the south of South Georgia Island (Antarctica)

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    P. Rubilar, C.A. Moreno (Chile) and J. Ashford (United Kingdom)
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    Ten hauling for Dissostichus eleginoides were performed from the 11lth to the 21 of April 1994, wich were related between them, when they contact within a circle of 10 nm of diameter, whose center was at 55° 03’ S 36° 53’ W. Leslie Method was applied to the data. initial biomass was projected to 3244.8 nm2, obtaining an estimated biomass of 937.8 ton. Due to statistical limitations of these data, another analisis based in the density (Kg/nm2) on the fished area was used. The positions given by the vessel were confirmed with information obtained from an automatic position system (ARGOS).