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    Re-organisation of WG-FSA Report

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    In 2003, WG-FSA and the Scientific Committee identified the need to rewrite and restructure the WG-FSA report. In early 2004, the extend and nature of the work required was developed in consultation between the Conveners of WG-FSA and WG-IMAF, and the Chair of the Scientific Committee, incorporating comments from other WG-FSA Members and the Secretariat. It was also agreed to contract Dr Inigo Everson to develop certain elements of the restructure (see SC CIRC 04/11 and 04/16). Dr Everson’s first task was to prepare a number of draft fishery reports for consideration by WG-FSA-SAM.
    This paper contains the background circulars (SC CIRC 04/11 and 04/16) and four restructured fishery reports which have been drafted by Dr Everson.