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    Titre Lieu Date(s) Rapport de la réunion
    WG-SAM-2022 En ligne to
    WG-SAM-2021 En ligne to f-sc-40-a5.pdf (329.81 Ko)
    WG-SAM-2020 Kochi, India Postponed
    WG-SAM-2019 Concarneau, France to f-sc-38-a4.pdf (326.79 Ko)
    WG-SAM-18 Norwich, Royaume-Uni to f-sc-xxxvii-a6.pdf (794.69 Ko)
    WG-SAM-17 Buenos Aires, Argentine to f-sc-xxxvi-a05.pdf (1 Mo)
    WG-SAM-16 Gênes, Italie to f-sc-xxxv-a05.pdf (336.02 Ko)
    WG-SAM-15 Varsovie, Pologne to f-sc-xxxiv-a5.pdf (826.78 Ko)
    WG-SAM-14 Punta Arenas, Chili to f-sc-xxxiii-a5.pdf (241.86 Ko)
    WG-SAM-13 Bremerhaven, Allemagne to f-sc-xxxii-a04.pdf (248.05 Ko)
    WG-SAM-12 Santa Cruz de Ténérife, Espagne to f-sc-xxxi-a05.pdf (466.23 Ko)
    WG-SAM-11 Busan, République de Corée to f-sc-xxx-a05.pdf (1.05 Mo)
    WG-SAM-10 Le Cap, Afrique du Sud to f-sc-xxix-a4.pdf (115.1 Ko)
    WG-SAM-09 Bergen, Norvège to f-sc-xxviii-a6.pdf (216.32 Ko)
    WG-SAM-08 St -Pétersbourg, Russie to f-sc-xxvii-a7.pdf (267.25 Ko)
    WG-SAM-07 Christchurch, Nouvelle-Zélande to f-sc-xxvi-a7.pdf (214.62 Ko)
    WG-FSA-SAM-06 Walvis Bay, Namibie to
    WG-FSA-SAM-05 Yokohama, Japon to
    WG-FSA-SAM-04 Sienne, Italie to
    WG-FSA-SAM-03 Londres, Royaume-Uni to

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