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    Modelling functional relationships between predators and prey

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    J.P. Croxall, I.L. Boyd and P.A. Prince (United Kingdom)
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    Preliminary analyses of this topic identified some problems with the data originally submitted. To clarify these problems and to provide additional data to enhance the accuracy and relevance of the overall model, this paper provides quantitative information on potential biases associated with estimation of survival rate, observed rates of population increase (both maxima and at study colonies from which the data derived) and diet for black-browed albatross, gentoo penguin and Antarctic fur seal at Bird Island, South Georgia. In addition, year-specific data for a) black-browed albatross breeding population size and success and adult survival (1976-1992); b) gentoo penguin breeding population size and success (1977-1993) and c) Antarctic fur seal adult female survival (1984-1993, including allowance for tag loss), pregnancy rate, pup production, pup growth rates and mortality rates and foraging trip duration (1984-1993) are presented.