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    Numerical model of ecosystem including Euphausia superba Dana as a key species in circumpolar region

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    M.J. Kishi and M. Naganobu (Japan)
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    On the processes to investigate a proper model for understanding the processes that govern the biochemical cycle in Antarctic Ocean, we made a research plan as follows: (1) to develop an OGCM (Ocean General Circulation Model) (2) to develop a one dimensional ecosystem model that can be applied to primary production in Antarctic Ocean (3) to develop an ecosystem model able to describe krill ecology (4) to develop a numerical model to couple the OGCM and ecosystem models (5) to develop a numerical model including the effect of marine mammal consumption and catch of krill (6) to develop the integrated model with the above 5 items. This year, we have developed an OGCM and a one dimensional ecosystem model for the Antarctic Ocean. The OGCM we use is originally developed by CCSR (Center for Climate System Research. University of Tokyo) and the one dimensional ecosystem model by Kawamiya et al. (1994) with seven compartments and coupled with a one dimensional mixed layer model for calculating the diffusion coefficient.