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    To the problem of assessment of probability of finding Antarctic krill concentrations in Division 58.4.2

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    WG-Krill-94/7 Rev. 1
    V.N. Yakovlev, V.A. Bibik and L.M. Kokoz (Ukraine)
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    In 1994 the group of above mentioned authors has completed the first stage of researches for creation of an imitation model of krill distribution and search in the Cooperation and Cosmonauts Seas (30–80°E).
    At this the following main problems were addressed:
    - Systematization of krill echograms (types of aggregations, their main characteristics),
    - Assessment of distribution of aggregations (length, volume of concentrations, occurrence frequency, stability on time-scale,
    - Assessment of results of fishing activity of Soviet FVs in the synoptic, seasonal and annual aspects,
    - Working out of algorithms for automatic processing of materials by means of computing devices and mathematic analysis of distribution of krill concentrations and catch size.