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    The ‘CAML/SCAR-MarBIN Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean’

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    C. De Broyer (Belgium) and P. Koubbi (France)

    The "CAML / SCAR-MarBIN Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean"

    Claude De Broyer (Brussels), Philippe Koubbi (Villefranche), Bruno Danis (Brussels), Bruno David (Dijon), Susie Grant (Cambridge), Huw Griffiths (Cambridge), Julian Gutt (Bremerhaven), Christoph Held (Bremerhaven), Graham Hosie (Hobart), Falk Huetmann (Fairbanks), Alix Post (Canberra), Sophie Mormède (Wellington), Ben Raymond (Hobart), Yan Ropert-Coudert (Strasbourg), Victoria Wadley (Hobart).

    Biogeographic information is of primary importance for monitoring biodiversity and detecting impacts of environmental changes, developing the bio/ecoregionalisation of the Southern Ocean, designing marine protected areas, conducting comparative biogeographic analyses or discovering marine biodiversity hotspots.

    At the end of five years of extensive biodiversity exploration and assessment by the Census of Antarctic Marine Life (, with 19 CAML-dedicated cruises in the whole Southern Ocean, and following the intense compilation efforts of biogeographic data by the SCAR-Marine Biodiversity Information Network (, a new initiative, the multi-authored “Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean”, will synthesize the CAML biogeographic results on the basis of an unprecedented amount, diversity and quality of biogeographic data.

    The “Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean”, involving 60 contributors under the aegis of SCAR, will constitute a major scientific output of CAML and SCAR-MarBIN. It will take the form of a collection of maps and synthetic texts presenting the key biogeographic patterns and processes of the Antarctic marine biodiversity (benthos, plankton, nekton, birds and seals) south of 40°S. The hard copy version in large format will be extended by a dynamic online version on the SCAR-MarBIN portal.

    Contacts: co-chief editors:
    Dr Claude De Broyer (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium)
    Prof. Philippe Koubbi (Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche, Villefranche sur mer, France)