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    Discharge of offal in the Ross Sea – follow up to COMM CIRC 15/15–SC CIRC 15/06

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    CCAMLR Secretariat
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    Dr Keith Reid

    In response to a request from New Zealand (COMM CIRC 15/15) the Secretariat undertook an analysis of the information provided by New Zealand in previous years (COMM CIRC 13/09), along with VMS records, CCAMLR Observer Reports and other information the Secretariat has available to facilitate further investigation. In 2013 reports of offal were tightly clustered in a small area on the border of SSRUs 88.H and J, whereas in 2015 the reports were received from a broader area. For each location where offal was reported VMS data was used to identify all vessels that had been recorded within 10 kilometres of the reported location during the 5 days preceding the date of the report. Identifying the provenance of offal found in the stomachs of toothfish is inconclusive in many cases, however, ancillary information on the specific nature of the offal and on the particular vessels identified may be helpful to refine the outcomes of the analysis in some instances.