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    Request for removal of the vessel bearing IMO No. 9319856 from the NCP-IUU Vessel List

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    Номер документа:
    Delegation of Chile
    Представлено (имя):
    Mrs Karin Mundnich (Чили)
    Утверждено (имя):
    Mr Mario Artaza

    The vessel bearing IMO No. 9319856, and which has been provisionally allocated the name Pescacisne I in Chile's Registry of Large Vessels, has been on CCAMLR's NCP-IUU vessel list since 2008. This vessel was acquired by the Chilean company Pesca Cisne S.A., which has provided background information showing that it has no shared interests legal, financial or juridical with the former owners of the vessel, namely Eastern Holdings Limited and High Mountain Overseas S.A.

    Chile, as a Member of CCAMLR, and as the state of the new owner of the vessel bearing IMO No. 9319856, requests that the vessel be removed from the NCP-IUU vessel list, based on the fact that the conditions stated in paragraph 18 of Conservation Measure 10-07 (2016) are met, which the information contained in this application shows.

    We note that the vessel is currently not flagged to any country. In the past, a request for registration and flag made to Chile was denied in compliance with Conservation Measure 10-07 (2016), given that the vessel was included in the NCP-IUU vessel list. Once the vessel is removed from CCAMLR's NCP-IUU vessel list, Pesca Cisne S.A. intends to register it in Chile, request that it be flagged and use it for fishing activities in waters under Chilean jurisdiction, in accordance with the relevant domestic regulations.