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    2021 Report to CCAMLR by Oceanites, Inc. – Antarctic Site Inventory / MAPPPD and Related Projects / State of Antarctic Penguins Report and Penguin Population Changes / Climate Change

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    Submitted by Oceanites
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    Mr Ron Naveen
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    Mr Ron Naveen

    Oceanites, Inc. is a US-based, nonprofit, scientific, and educational organization under U.S. law, which was founded in 1987 (https://oceanites.org). Its mission is to advance science-based conservation and to increase the awareness of climate change, its potential impacts, and climate change adaptation through the lens of Antarctic penguins.

    This report summarizes activities of Oceanites since CCAMLR-39 and SC-CAMLR-39, including:

    • Update on the Antarctic Site Inventory

    • Update on the Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics (MAPPPD) database

    • MAPPPD Related Projects

    State Of Antarctic Penguins Report and Penguin Population Changes

    • Update on Climate Change