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    Towards a closer cooperation between CCAMLR and the IWC

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    CCAMLR Observer (K.-H. Kock, Germany)
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    At the 1997 Meetings of the Scientific Committee of CCAMLR and its CCAMLR Working Group on Ecosystem Monitoring and Management (WG-EMM), several areas of mutual interest between SC-CAMLR and the IWC were identified:
    Coordination of CCAMLR and IWC research activities;
    Analysis of historical and recent datasets;
    CCAMLR surveys as platforms of opportunity for whale sightings;
    Considerations for re-establishing minke whales as a monitoring species in the CCAMLR Ecosystem Program (CEMP); and
    Annual exchange of information.
    SC-CAMLR suggests that a closer collaboration between CCAMLR and the IWC could best be achieved by forming a small liaison group with IWC-SC which could work (mostly by correspondence) on matters outlined above. Members of this group should cover a wide range of expertise and should not be confined to those who attend meetings of both CCAMLR and the IWC.