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    Changes to the Statistical Bulletin

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    Two recent changes have impacted on the compilation of CCAMLR’s Statistical Bulletin: (1) publication of data by CCAMLR season rather than by split-year (agreed at SC-CAMLR-XXI); and (2) a revision of the boundaries in Division 58.4.3 and adjacent areas (agreed at CCAMLR-XX). The Statistical Bulletins are based on STATLANT data submitted annually by Members. Therefore these changes have necessitated some re-interpretation of existing STATLANT data. In most cases, change (1) was easily implemented as complete STATLANT data records include a reference to the split-year and month when fishing occurred. However, in a small number of historic datasets, the months are not defined and change (1) was problematic. Ancillary fine-scale data were used, where available, to define the months fished in the incomplete STATLANT data The spatial resolution of STATLANT data is the statistical subarea or division. Therefore, ancillary fine-scale data were needed to define the fishing grounds in areas where boundaries were revised. This information was then used to implement change (2) in the STATLANT data. This paper documents the changes made to STATLANT data and seeks further information from Members.