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    On experimental approach to extend boundaries of exploratory fishery on Antarctic toothfish (D. mawsoni) in the Ross Sea (Subareas 88.1 and 88.2) in the meso- and bathypelagial layers

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    Delegation of Russia
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    Based on the analysis of data on the searching fishery on Antarctic toothfish (D. mawsoni) by the Russian fishing vessels "Yantar" and "Volna" in the seasons of 2002/03-2003/04 it has been obtained that the long-line catchability and size composition of fish depended on the fishing depth, bottom orography and sharp change in the depth, etc. In this relation, to determine the areas and depth of Antarctic toothfish concentration the need for extension of searching fishery area boundaries was proven with the use of passive fishing gears in the meso- and bathypelagial.. The constructions and schemes to set the vertical and combined vertical-bottom longlines.