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    Convener’s summary on intersessional activities of the Subgroup for the Implementation of the CCAMLR-2008-IPY-Survey

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    SC-CAMLR-XXIV/BG/02 Rev. 1
    V. Siegel (Convener, Steering Group ‘CCAMLR-2008-IPY-Survey’)
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    At its last meeting in October 2004 the Scientific Committee agreed that a synoptic acoustic survey in the South Atlantic region would be the most appropriate activity for CCAMLR in the IPY 2008. It was agreed that a synoptic acoustic/net sampling survey in the South Atlantic region should focus on krill but would collect a range of ancillary physical and biological data including observations on marine zooplankton, marine mammals and birds.
    The Scientific Committee has established an intersessional steering group to formulate CCAMLR’s Expression of Intend for activities in the IPY and submit this document to the IPY Joint Group. The paper describes the activities carried out during the intersessional period and the progress made.