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    A proposal for streamlining the work of the Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

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    Delegation of Australia
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    The work of the Scientific Committee is expanding with a duplication of many functions in the two working groups and subgroups. There is also a need to give time to emerging issues for which there is insufficient time at present in the existing working groups, such as consideration of marine protected areas in a CCAMLR context and the development and evaluation of management strategies for CCAMLR fisheries. It is proposed that the working groups of the Scientific Committee be revised to streamline the work, help reduce the number of groups and time needing to be attended by our experts and to develop a work program that does not require all issues to be addressed every year. The Working Groups are proposed to be (i) Biology, Ecology and Conservation, (ii) Statistics, Assessment Methods and Modelling, and (iii) Assessments and Fisheries. It is also proposed to have workshops coordinated by the Scientific Committee on the development of management procedures for krill, toothfish and icefish and other topical issues. The aim of these workshops would be to bring together experts in biology, ecology, conservation, statistics, assessments and modelling.