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    Educational observer on board fishing vessels in Brazil

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    Delegation of Brazil
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    We inquired several social aspects of two Brazilian crews working in pelagic longline fisheries. Settings were made in southeast Brazilian waters between May and August 2004. Daily working schedules, habits, as well as leisure habits while onboard were observed and registered. A query was made in order to investigate the social and professional character of each crew member. Overall, our results show a low level of studies among these professionals. We suggest the implementation of a new concept of fisheries and biology observer. The Educational Observer, that could be used as informal teacher using as working tool long distance education, as well as informal education focusing environment issues, allowing improvement of educational level and awareness towards the surrounding environment among crews while on board.
    We believe seabird mortality rate due to incidental capture by fishing vessels can be greatly reduced if level of awareness is increased through environmental education for it increases the chances of having mitigation measures applied instinctively onboard in areas where no legislation/obligation on the usage of these measures is in force.