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    CEMP Fund cameras and satellite transmitter projects in areas of Ukraine responsibility: state and preliminary results

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    D. Lutsenko, G. Milinevsky, O. Savitsky, A. Simon, I. Dykyy, M. Telipska, V. Lytvynov and L. Pshenichnov
    Представлено (имя):
    Dr Leonid Pshenichnov (Украина)
    Утверждено (имя):
    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Украина)
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    Ukraine is responsible for support and providing the CEMP Fund cameras and satellite transmitter projects in gentoo and Adelie penguin colonies at the Galindez, Petermann, and Yalour Islands. The activity in the Ukrainian Vernadsky Antarctic Station area on service of CEMP cameras and installation ARGOS satellite tags in penguin colonies as part of the CEMP projects run by USA, Argentina, Poland and Ukraine is reported. The pictures of gentoo colonies at the Galindez and Petermann Islands, and Adelie colonies at Yalour Island have been processed according to coordinated by US scientists, protocol and methods. Information on copulation, egg lay, maximum number of eggs, hatch, maximum number of chicks, date os cheche, and the maximum number of adults have been obtained during breeding season 2016/2017 from the photos of the all nine cameras and have been sent for analysis. Data for 2015/2016 breeding season have been received for three cameras at Galindez Island only and also processed. Note that the cameras were installed at Galindez colony late breeding 2015/2016 season therefore the data obtained do not allow to receive full phenology information. The attempt to provide visual observations for the cameras photo validation was unsuccessful due to overloaded research program of biologists at the station. ARGOS satellite tags have been installed successfully at fifteen adult gentoo penguins in Galindez Island colony.