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    Summary of work done to augment and enhance that presented
    in WG-EMM-05/13

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    Appendix 3
    G.M. Watters, J.T. Hinke (USA), K. Reid and S. Hill (United Kingdom)
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    This document summarizes work that we completed after submitting background document WG-EMM-05/13. Our intent here is to augment and enhance WG-EMM-05/13, and the follwing text can be attached to WG-EMM-05/13 as its third appendix. To facilitate such attachment, we start the page numbering of this appendix at page 55. This appendix contains 1) example parameterizations and results for krill movement in the KPFM, 2) errata for the main text of WG-EMM-05/13, 3) errata for and extensions to Appendix 1 of WG-EMM- 05/13, and 4) a short, annotated script of S-plus commands that we hope to follow while demonstrating our KPFM to the WG-EMM and the Workshop on Management Procedures.