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    Extending ecological monitoring to underpin the development of feedback management approaches for the Antarctic krill fishery

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    P.N. Trathan (UK), H.J. Lynch (USA), C. Southwell (Australia), P.T. Fretwell (UK), G. Watters (USA) and N. Ratcliffe (UK)
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    Ms Doro Forck (Секретариат АНТКОМ)

    CCAMLR has agreed to consider and develop a feedback management approach for the krill fishery. Such a management approach may also require the development of a new or extended monitoring programme for dependent species, especially if the krill fishery is to operate over large spatial scales and in areas where no existing monitoring, including CEMP monitoring, is present. Here we consider some of the issues associated with the development of a new monitoring programme, outlining one possible approach. We encourage others to consider how other approaches may be developed so that CCAMLR is able to compare different possible approaches, considering the costs and benefits and trade-offs associated with each. We propose that CCAMLR consider the merits of different approaches over the next two years, so that it can agree a way forward and make best use of the recently established CEMP Fund.