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    Draft Krill Fishery Report

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    Mr Doug Cooper (Секретариат АНТКОМ)

    At WG-EMM 2013 the Working Group agreed that it would be useful to have a consolidated summary of information related to the krill fishery in a similar format to the fishery reports that are completed for finfish fisheries in WG-FSA (www.ccamlr.org/node/75667).

    The Secretariat agreed to coordinate the preparation of a draft krill fishery report for consideration at WG EMM-14 that would be similar in content to a finfish Fishery Report.

    The following compilation of information on the krill fishery has been prepared by the Secretariat to provide the basis for such a Krill Fishery Report. This also includes a report on krill fishing in the current season and a list of notifications for next season.

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