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    Report on 2015 Activities of the Southern Ocean Observing System relevant to the work of CCAMLR

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    A. Constable (Australia), O.R. Godø (Norway) and L. Newman (SOOS)
    Представлено (имя):
    Dr Andrew Constable (Австралия)
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    The Southern Ocean Observing System was established by SCAR and SCOR in 2011 and has been steadily developing its work.  In this paper, we summarise the outcomes of strategic planning over 2015 and a recent meeting of the SSC and workshop aimed at implementing the strategic plan.  SOOS is developing regional and capability working groups to implement its strategy.  The regional working groups will be important to CCAMLR in providing data relevant to conservation and fisheries in different parts of the CCAMLR area.  The capability working groups aim to develop long term capabilities of SOOS.  Those of interest to CCAMLR include Working Groups on Ecosystems, Acoustics and Monitoring of pack ice seals.  The development of the SOOS Data Management System and Portal will also be important to CCAMLR.  These are described more fully in the paper.  In conclusion, we discuss the value of developing a partnership between SOOS and CCAMLR to help develop a positive relationship between the CCAMLR and international scientific communities and to progress the international coordination and assessments of climate change impacts on Southern Ocean ecosystems, the focus of a conference in 2018.