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    Background papers considered relevant to the WG-EMM discussions on feedback management

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    Delegation of the United Kingdom
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    Dr Chris Darby
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    Dr Chris Darby
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    The United Kingdom has contributed funding to the US-based non-governmental organisation Oceanites, to support its ongoing Antarctic Site Inventory project, which monitors penguin populations across the Antarctic Peninsula.  The Antarctic Site Inventory data, together with data from other sources, has been collated within Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics (MAPPPD) which is on a publicly available website (Humphries et al. In Press). The data summary and analysis together with the methods described within Lynch et al. (2010), provide methods that are of direct relevance to the WG EMM discussions on feedback management. Consequently, the UK has submitted the documents as background papers.

    Humphries G.R.W., Che-Castaldo C., Naveen R., Schwaller M., McDowall P., Schrimpf M., Lynch H.J. Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics (MAPPPD): Data and tools for dynamic management and decision support (In Press)

    Lynch H J., Fagan W. F. Naveen R., Population trends and reproductive success at a frequently visited penguin colony on the western Antarctic Peninsula Polar Biol (2010) 33:493–503.