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    Update to the proposed data structure and implementation of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Research and Monitoring Plan (RMP) Project List database

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    CCAMLR Secretariat
    Представлено (имя):
    Ms Emily Grilly (Секретариат АНТКОМ)
    Утверждено (имя):
    Dr David Agnew (Секретариат АНТКОМ)
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    At WG-SM-18, the Secretariat presented the development and progress made on a Project List web database to support Research and Monitoring Plans (RMPs) for individual Marine Protected Areas (MPA), as recommended by SC-CAMLR-XXXVI. This paper reports on the updates made to the data structure model for the CCAMLR MPA Information Repository (CMIR), based on feedback received at WG-SM-18, through intersessional consultation, and following a review of the proposed RMPs from each MPA. The updated data structure model seeks to harmonise general principles across all of the RMPs.