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    Informe preliminar sobre un viaje de pesca de merluza negra (Dissostichus eleginoides) del B/P Viarsa I, en el Océano Indico oriental (Área Estadística 57) – Abril–junio 2002

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    H. Nion y O.D. Pin (Uruguay)
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    This paper describes and studies the very first data about the fishery of the toothfish Dissostichus elegjnoides , obtained by a Scientific Observer from DINARA on board of the uruguayan F/V “Viarsa I”, in the eastern Indian Ocean (FAO Statistical Area 57). The fishing trip was performed from the 13 of april to the 24 of june 2002.
    It was determined five zones by the F/V “Viarsa I” fishing operative. Different fishing-yields rates were applied to the data and it was determined that the defined E and D fishing zones were the most productive: 8454 Kg./day and 6766 Kg./day respectively.
    The average length calculated for the sampled males was 83.77 cm and for the sampled females was 81.04 cm. The median length calculated for both sexes was 78 cm. The average weight calculates for the sampled males was 7.92 Kg. and for the sampled females was 7.53 Kg.
    The majority of the sampled individuals of both sexes were determined in the Grade 4 of gonadic maturity (C, D, E fishing zones). The A and B zones corresponded with the juvenile individuals of both sexes, with immature gonads.
    Rests of the same species (cannibalism), eel-cod Muraenolepis spp., grenadier Macrourus spp., and skates of the Rajidae Family were identified in stomach contents.