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    The Australian exploratory toothfish fishery in CCAMLR
    Division 58.4.2 in season 2002/03

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    Delegation of Australia
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    The Australian-flagged longliner Eldfisk was approved by CCAMLR to undertake an exploratory fishery for D. mawsoni in Division 58.4.2 in the 2002/03 season. The results of the fishery involving 140 sets between 5 February and 25 March 2003 are summarised. Total catch from the three SSRUs fished was 111.8 tonnes, of which 88.7% overall was D. mawsoni. Principal bycatch species were macrourids (10.2% overall), skates (0.34%) and Muraenolepis sp. (0.27%). The length range of D. mawsoni caught was between 500mm and 1650mm total length, and most fish were in gonad state 1 to 3. Length at first maturity is estimated at 1000mm for males and 1300mm for females.
    There were marked differences between the SSRUs in catch composition and D. mawsoni length frequency.