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    The results of investigations of the feeding of Antarctic toothfish D. mawsoni in the Ross Sea in 2005/06

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    A.F. Petrov (Russia)
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    The works on study of the diet composition of Antarctic toothfish were conducted from December to March during the two fishery seasons (2004-2005 and 2005-2006) in different fishing areas of the Ross Sea located between 67°S to 76°S. 192 longline settings were made. In total, over two seasons 3000 stomachs (1913 stomachs in 2005 and 1087 ones in 2006) were analyzed. In 2005 fish was caught at depths of 523-2000 m. The total length (TL) of individuals ranged from 49 to 201 cm with weight from 0.8 to 123 kg. In 2006 Antarctic toothfish was caught at depths of 478-1702 m and its TL ranged from 49 to 192 cm with weight from 0.8 to 110 kg. The substantial part of Antarctic toothfish stomachs were empty (42% in 2005 and 41% in 2006). For feeding Antarctic toothfish fish was the main food object (78% in 2005 and 54% in 2006), with predominance of Antarctic grenadier (Macrourus whitsoni) and icefishes Channichthyidae. Squids were on the second place by the frequency of occurrence.