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    Results of the tagging experiment for (D. eleginoides) in Subarea 48.4, 2007 update

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    J. Roberts and D.J. Agnew (United Kingdom)
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    1. During the 2006/07 fishing season one UK and one New Zealand vessel fished in Subarea 48.4, catching 54 t of toothfish. A total of 291 D. eleginoides and 1 D. mawsoni were tagged and released during fishing operations. This represents a very high tagging rate of 5.4 fish per tonne of catch. Additionally, 100 rajids were tagged and released.
    2. D. eleginoides and rajids appear to have different distributions of abundance around the fishing area. There were two tag recaptures in 2007, both of D. eleginoides. These were recaptured 84km and 14km from their points of release.
    3. The UK proposes to continue the mark-recapture experiment in Subarea 48.4 in 2007/08. Initial estimates of population size will be made in 2008/09. However, given the currently low level of recaptures, and the difficulties experienced in catching and tagging the anticipated number of toothfish each year, the experiment and CM 41-03 may need to be extended for a few more years.